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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images and website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.



What is witchcraft? When a person tries to exert control over another person against their will, according the the Bible, it is witchcraft. This control takes many forms in daily life. Whenever someone tries to manipulate, deceive, mislead, lie, cheat, intimidate, blackmail, or withhold something to gain advantage, it is witchcraft. The silent treatment, pouting, and passive aggressive behavior are attempts at manipulating someone through emotions to achieve their desired outcome. Whenever we engage in these kinds of behaviors, we are stepping out of God's realm and into Satan's realm. When we step into Satan's realm, our God given hedges of protection start to break down, and darkness takes hold in our lives.

This compromise with evil is happening all over the world on a daily basis. God would not have it be so. God does not control us, and would not have us control others. Life is challenging enough without having to be concerned with being controlled by others, especially when we are not aware of it. Today, many forms of witchcraft are forced upon the population covertly and subliminally. The people of this age are at a true disadvantage that many people in the past did not experience. Wicked men in this world are intent on destroying and controlling others, and they do not care how many lives they wreck in the process. The word of God has a warning for such people:

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." Matthew 18:6

The powers that witches and warlocks gain from the spirit world come at a high price. Jesus asks us, "What will a man give in exchange for his soul?" Unfortunately, people are willing to sell their souls for very little, being deceived that what they gain in this life is somehow worth an eternity of separation from God.

Many people are interested in power, and in controlling others. For them, it is not enough to let others live in peace, they want to control their lives. These people will be drawn to what Satan has to offer. This is why Satan has so much power in this world. When we compromise with him for the powers that he offers, we get more than we bargained for. In turn, he gains an ever increasing degree of control over us, to our eternal detriment.
Maybe you think that you are a white witch, a good witch. Maybe you only do spells that help people. What source do you think you are drawing your "good spells" from? They are the same dark powers, masquerading as light.
"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." 2 Corinthians 11:14-15

So-called spirit guides are demons. Witchcraft powers are very real. However, the powers that are gained are never used for the benefit of a person, because the powers behind the magick are demonic. Disney films with cute fairytale magic are a Satanic lie, there is no good magic. A witch may gain the ability to cast a spell in order to affect the outcome of a situation, but it is a form of controlling others. You are exerting your will over another person or persons life with the hope of your desired outcome. The problem is, you were not appointed judge or juror by God, and you are trying play God by doing so. We have no place controlling others lives. Those that are under God's hedge of protection are not affected by these spells and incantations, especially the ones that know about spiritual warfare. The real victims are those who are not protected by the Lord. If you are not following the Lord, you do not have his protection. It is that simple. Two people suffer in this situation. The witch or warlock who sent the spell receives a curse from the Lord, along with their future generations, and the person who was cursed without God's protection receives demonic trouble in their lives. Everything that a witch throws out eventually comes back to them, either in this life, or the next. "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Romans 12:19. In the end, all accounts will be settled by the Lord. They are not to be settled by us. When you try to settle accounts, you are engaging in witchcraft.

The Magic Kingdom or God's Kingdom
You must choose. Will you obey God, who alone is good, and knows what is best for us? Or will you go your own way, take matters into your own hands, and try to control your life and those in it? We were made to walk with God. God created man to walk in the cool of the garden with him, to share and enjoy creation with him. Every person must choose between the forbidden fruit, or obeying God. Will you choose the Magic Kingdom, or God's Kingdom? The outcome has eternal consequences.

Satan's Lies
Let's tell them:
The universe came from nothing.
Man evolved from nothing and is still evolving into a higher form of life.
There is no God.
Man created the idea God.
There are many Gods.
We got it wrong. Satan was actually the good guy, the victim, and God was the bad guy.
If you work really hard, you can save yourself and be reincarnated into a higher life form.

How Witchcraft Spirits Use Living Bodies

How Witchcraft Spirits Use Living Bodies as Staging Points to Attack You and Your Family

1. Witchcraft spirits exist in the air. Sometimes you know they are overhead due to the presence of the demonic clouds, but they may still be in your area even if there are no witchcraft clouds overhead (see page on clouds for how to identify witchcraft clouds).

2. When the witchcraft spirits are overhead, they can drop down into the people, animals, insects, and any living creature available to them. There is no limit to the creatures that can be used, down to the tiniest bug, but they need a living body to enter that acts as a host.

Christians can unwittingly be used as vehicles for these entities if they did not cover themselves in the Blood of Jesus and put on the full armor of God that day. Few are doing this, so that means Satan can use just about every living being on this planet as staging points for these spirits. Satan has designed so many curses into our daily lives that even Christians become cursed by daily living (ie., being in the presence of cursed marks and portals.)

To compound the problem, even dedicated Christians have Satan’s marks and portals in their life due to them being everywhere, in technology, and all around, which is a curse and opens the door to these entities. You can be living clean and still be affected because you have cursed items in your life.

3. Once installed in a living creature, witchcraft spirits can then launch their attacks on you and your family.

So, if Satan and the dark kingdom wants to attack you, and he knows you will be at a specific place at a specific time, and he knows who will be at that place while you will be there, then his strategy is to fill up the people who will be there, along with the entities who will be there, with demonic spirits before you arrive.

For example, if he wanted to attack you at church, Satan may fill up the other people with demons, and then during church, they may launch their attack on you from the individuals. The evil spirits need a staging point, and human bodies, animals, and even insects are like Trojan horses. The people and animals used in this attack are likely completely unaware and innocent, but they are being used as a kind of satanic troop carrier to stage attacks from. In this example, the red demon is not representative of the number of witchcraft spirits that may be sent. It is likely there are far more than just one or two if you are coming under attack.

The defense against this is praying without ceasing in shorthand:Remit, Clean, Cut, Seal, Whales, Attack.
(repeat throughout the day and especially when under attack)

Lord Jesus, please remit all of my sins and every sin committed in and around this property (name a specific location(s)) by the occupants, anyone who has ever been here, people who will be arriving here, and the people in the adjacent areas, back to Adam and Eve, including the air above, the ground beneath, and all around, and every living entity that may be used by Satan, in Jesus name. These people (and myself) will now be referred to as "Residents."
(Shorthand - Remit)

I loose angels to clean every satanic, witchcraft mark, trap, and portal in and around my environment and the (location and people you are praying about) in Jesus' name.
(Shorthand - Clean)

I loose angels to cut every line of communication in the evil spirit realm, to block all lines of reinforcement and the traveling routes of the enemy here, covering them with a strong hedge, a wall of fire, and the blood of Jesus.
(Shorthand - Cut)

I now ask that you would place the full armor of God on all Residents, and cover them, body, soul, and spirit, this property, and even the very air, with the blood of Jesus. Fill the Residents with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit and seal off every entrance and exit of the enemy. Do not allow the Residents to be used as an access point for the Enemy. Lord, place a shield of your wall of fire, a strong hedge of thorns, and ministering, warring, and guardian angels around the Residents to insulate and protect them from all attacks of the enemy on every side.
(Shorthand - Seal)

I loose legions of angels to attack every evil entity and spirit at work here, in the sky, in and around the sun, and my environment, including Jezebel. I loose spirits of judgment, burning, destruction, blindness, deafness and dumbness, confusion and civil war on them. I loose your sperm whales to attack all spirits of witchcraft, witchcraft control, mind control, and mind occult. The Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you. (Shorthand - Whales, Attack)

Pray without Ceasing Using Shorthand Prayers Throughout the Day and Especially in Busy Areas.


How Witchcraft Spirits Use Portals in your Environment to Attack You

Satan is referred to as the "Great Architect." This is why you see the G for Masons, and this is what the G for Google really is about. Satan has created a situation where he can at almost any time launch a serious attack on anyone of his choosing due to the flood of occult material in our environment. Car logos, street signs, graphiti, clothing tags, when you start to realize just how evil our world is, it is shocking. Here are the main problems:

1) Satan tries to get as many people under God's curse as possible. Satan does not play fair. He uses your spiritual ignorance to his advantage. He has weaponized the spiritual rules God has created to try to take over the world. Satan knows the spiritual rules which bring about a curse on a person and environment. Legally speaking, Satan has a right to attack anyone with these occult logos and marks. If you have a cursed object or mark in your environment, you are cursed. Satan knows this and exploits it. So the first problem is, how do we deal with this curse?

2) Many people are filled with demonic spirits, and they are waiting for the right moment to attack you. So many people are infected with witchcraft mind control spirits in the modern world due to the music and entertainment that they are walking around cursed. Satan can then easily fill them with witchcraft spirits. They are like hybrid cars, partly operating on gas (their true selves) and partly on electric (their demonic mind control spirits). Then, if you are a Christian target in a busy area, he can easily launch those witchcraft spirits in the people to attack you from (see the diagram How Witchcraft Spirits Use Living Bodies as Staging Points to Attack You and Your Family).

3) Much of the food we eat is cursed and has demonic components. So if we are not sinning, and don't have evil marks, the food we eat may bring us under a curse. Satan has really covered as many bases as possible to try to completely get the entire world cursed. It is almost impossible to go into any store and not encounter literally hundreds of occult logos and marks.

So what do we do if we are driving down the freeway, or in a grocery store, and come under attack? Many people are coming under attack and don't even know it.

We have to solve several problems.

1) How can we rapidly deal with the curse that we, those around us, and the environment is under?
We are walking amongst a sea of people who are likely not Christian. What can we do? We rely on what Christ did for us. He said, whosoevers sins you remit are remitted unto them. This is a huge tool we can employ to counter Satan's attempt to hijack the system. If we ask for all the sins to be forgiven for everyone in the area, the air above, the ground beneath, and all around, everyone here, everyone who has ever been here, and everyone in the adjacent areas back to Adam and Eve, that covers it. That sounds like a lot of forgiveness, do we have that power? The answer is yes, for this purpose we do have that power and God has likely made that provision just for this purpose.

2) How do we deal with the all the satanic and witchcraft marks that put us under a curse?
We loose God's angels to cover every Satanic witchcraft mark, trap, and portal in the area with the Blood of Jesus in the spirit realm. Does this last forever? No, we need to pray daily, but it will last long enough for us to get through the area we are in.

3) How do we stop Satan from using the living entities in our environment as staging points to attack us from?
(See the diagram How Witchcraft Spirits Use Living Bodies as Staging Points to Attack You and Your Family). Satan can and does use almost any living entity with a body to fill up with demonic spirits (humans, birds (crows), dogs, cats, crickets, spiders, flies etc). We can stop this by asking the Lord to fill them with the Holy Spirit, the Fruits of the Spirit, put the full armor of God on them, and cover them with the Blood of Jesus and seal every point of exit and entry on them. This will completely stop Satan's strategy of using living entities as staging points to attack us from. His plan is to use every living entity as a launching pad to attack certain targets (Christians who have not been forcibly turned over to his way of thinking yet).

It's important to understand that there are very, very wicked things afoot. We are very close to the point of no return. If Satan cannot tempt you to turn to his way of thinking through the lust of the flesh, then he will use mind control to try to get you to fall, or become physically sick.
4) How can we stop the spirits from communicating, getting reinforcements, and from traveling in, through, and around our area?
We loose God's angels and ask for all lines of communication in the evil spirit realm to be cut, for all lines of reinforcements to be blocks, and for all travelling routes in, through, and around our location to be blocked with a strong hedge, a wall of fire, and ministering, warring and guardian angels in the spirit realm.
5) How can we deal with the specific witchcraft spirits that are in our environment before we started to deal with steps 1-3?
These witchcraft spirits are specialized. We need to deal with them in order to have success. So this is another issue. Through deliverance, we have learned from Win Worley that God has created a hierarchy in the spirit world that is much like our natural world. The witchcraft spirits of control, mind control, thought control, mind occult are like an octopus with giant tentacles. These servants of the Lord learned through experience that if you loose giant sperm whales of the Lord, they will make quick work of these octopus like witchcraft spirits. This is the way to victory over witchcraft! Those who put this to the test will be met with great success. We also loose God's angels and other heavenly creatures to attack as well.

So the resulting prayer is simplified into several parts: Remitting the sins, cleaning the marks and portals, sealing the living entities that have become "troop carriers" for Satan, and then loosing God's giant sperm whales to attack the octopus like witchcraft spirits. This can be reduced to the shorthand: Remit, Clean, Cut, Seal, Whales, Attack. To some, this may sound fantastic. To those who have battled the chemtrails, it will not.

If we were to see into the spirit realm while rapidly praying this shorthand as we drive down the freeway, or walk through a busy mall, the results would be staggering. God's angels are busy working very hard to keep us safe from harm. They are rapidly binding, cleaning, attacking, and protecting us as we make our way through this wicked world. The only catch, like salvation, we have to ask for it. We have to know to call them, and then we have to ask for the right kind of help. We do not want to bring a hammer to bake a cake, or a spatula to fix a car. So we need to understand the spirit world, that it exists, how things work, and how God has set up the spiritual rules in order for us to be successful.


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